The Challenge

The group JVCKENWOOD is one of the biggest producers of automotive electronics and entertainment products in the world. In Brazil, through its subsidiary JVCKENWOOD do Brasil, the company operates on the automotive market, with products from the two brands Kenwood and JVC.

In 2015, Race Communications was hired to execute activities targeted at a number of partners aiming to increase the sales of car sound systems by their brands. The main goal of the campaign was to increase the number of registrations compared to that of 2014, as well as improving the relations with the company’s stakeholders.


In the past ten years, domestic travels in Brazil increased more than 65%, hitting a record high of 201,8 million trips per year. For this reason, Race Communications created the national campaign Viaje Neste Som! (Travel Along With This Sound!) which included a fortnightly lottery of prizes during a period of three months.

For the campaign, a hot site was developed, which used a casual tone of voice, adapted to the brand’s stakeholders. On the site, the installers, distributors and resellers could register their invoices and exchange them for credits. Having accumulated 60 credits, the participant received an email with a “lucky number” and this way had a chance of winning the lottery.

During the campaign, in order to improve the relations with the stakeholders further, Race Communications produced informative flyers and posters which were printed and distributed at the participating companies; sent weekly emails marketing to all the participants; sent text messages (sms) during the campaign period as well as entered in contact with the main distributors to pass on information about the campaign and assist with possible doubts.


In order for the installers, distributors and resellers to feel secure in relation to the campaign, Race Communications made weekly dispatches of emails marketing, reminding them of the campaign and presenting the winners. Apart from this, we also entered in contact with them through SMS, telephone and email to clear any doubts.

The campaign generated an average of over one thousand “lucky numbers” in each of the fortnightly lotteries. Compared to the previous year, the engagement of the participants increased 20%.

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