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The Challenge

The Comitê Umami Brasil (The Umami Committee) is a group created with the aim to discuss and promote themes connected to the Umami Information Center (UIC), an organisation without any commercial interests, dedicated to doing research on the subject.

The committee, created in 2004, only hired a media relations agency in 2011.  

The partnership between Race Communications and Comitê Umami Brasil was started with the aim to increase the knowledge among journalists, bloggers, chefs, schools, universities and health professionals on the subject.


Race Communications works with the committee since 2012. The strategy with the client is to work proactively, with press releases, source suggestions, story pitches for journalists, events for bloggers as well as relationship building encounters with journalists in various regions in the country.


The story pitches made between january 2016 and may 2017 generated about 170 publications in more than than 150 Brazilian media outlets. During this period, the activities generated a potential impact on 160 million people and more than BRL 2 million in earned media value.

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