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The Challenge

The Comitê Umami Brasil (The Umami Committee) is a group created with the aim to discuss and promote themes connected to the Umami Information Center (UIC), an organisation without any commercial interests, dedicated to doing research on the subject.

In 2014, the umami, which is one of the five basic tastes of the human palate, completed 106 years since its discovery, and to celebrate the date, the Comitê Umami wanted to create an action aimed at their target audiences, including journalists.

Based on information from Comscore, which indicates that Brazil is the second largest market for blog consumption in the world, Race Communications developed a strategy focused on this audience.


Race Communications was responsible for the organisation and the actions with bloggers from the gastronomy and culinary sectors.

A strategic mailing list was created for an action in a culinary school, with the aim to improve relations between the bloggers and the spokespersons of Comitê Umami and to teach the bloggers about the umami - how to identify it, what its health benefits are - through cooking recipes which they themselves elaborated.

The event, divided in two parts. The first consisted of mini-lectures on the umami, its importance, characteristics, uses in the world and in Brazil, foods which represent it as well as explaining the difference between flavour and taste. The second part consisted of the encounter where the bloggers learned to prepare a recipe with umami ingredients.


The event, which had the presence of bloggers from Comidinhas, O Brigadeiro de Colher, Zé Kitchen, Pimenta no Reino, Cozinha para 1 and Yes WeCook, generated great repercussion on the internet. The invited guests were able to learn more about the umami taste and they later generated 80 posts, 4320 likes and 150 thousand potential impacts.

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