Assaí Wholesaler


The Challenge

Assaí Atacadista is a Brazilian wholesale chain belonging to Grupo Pão de Açúcar (one of the biggest groups of supermarkets in the country). It was founded in 1974 in the city of São Paulo by the entrepreneur Rodolfo Jungi Nagai and focused on serving clients consisting of micro- and small sized companies. In 2016, it was nominated to the list “Melhores & Maiores” (The Best and The Biggest) in the Revista Exame (one of the biggest business and economy magazines in Brazil) where it was ranked 53rd in sales, with a revenue of over 2,5 billion US dollars.

The company contacted Race Communications with the aim to execute, with a limited budget, an internal communications campaign for Fathers Day, which should reach all employees who were fathers in twelve regions across Brazil.   

The Strategy

With the budget set by the client, Race Communications suggested two different actions - one aimed at all the regions and one aimed specifically at the employees at the headquarters located in São Paulo.

For the regional actions, we produced videos with non-copyrighted soundtracks, friendly messages and photos of the fathers with their children.

In total, a number of 10 videos - one for each region  (Bahia; Ceará / North; Central-West; MT / MS; Northeast; Rio de Janeiro; South; São Paulo – Headquarters; São Paulo – CD; São Paulo – Shop). Race Communications provided a a mobile number to which the fathers could send their photos via Whatsapp, and to which over 2000 photos were sent.

At the headquarters, in addition to the video, we also organized a wellness day including a catering service and massage sessions.

The Results

After the completed action, a questionnaire was sent out to get to know the employees’ opinion about the campaign. More than 70% considered the wellness day excellent and 25% of the employees considered it good. The video was considered good or excellent by over 98% of the employees.

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