Allianz Travel strengthens relationship with the press
AllianzTravel Case PressOffice


Allianz Travel is one of the trademarks of Allianz Partners, a leader in 24-hour assistance, focused on offering travel insurance. The brand has a long experience in offering products and services on demand to consumers, families, students, business, among others. In 2017 and 2018, the brand was elected the best travel insurance company by the magazine Melhores Destinos. In Brazil, he is an insurance representative for Allianz Seguros in the travel segment. The brand is part of the largest insurance group in the world, the Allianz SE Group. The company contacted Race Communications to improve and strengthen its relationship with the press.

Based on the company's needs, Race Communications started promoting Allianz Travel's actions to the media. Race team created - and still maintains - a communication channel focused on the press in the tourism sector through the elaboration of articles, infographics, press releases, agenda suggestions, press kits and relationship meetings. The goal was to contribute to the performance of the business and increase brand awareness in media outlets.
Allianz Travel increased its brand recognition in the tourism market: in 2018, the press office actions generated 188 publications and more than 13,500 million potential impacts.

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