360º strategies for Brazilian Apple Producers
360º strategies for Brazilian Apple Producers


The Brazilian Association of Apple Producers (ABPM) emerged in 1978 with the aim of promoting and popularizing the consumption of apples produced in Brazil. It is a non-profit civil society based in Fraiburgo (SC), which brings together 75% of all national apple production, 85% of domestic sales and 95% of exports.
The institution contacted Race Communications to strengthen awareness of the Brazilian apple from its digital presence, publicizing the high standard of quality and safety of apple production in Brazil and reinforcing the benefits of the national fruit.

How to transform the Brazilian apple into a brand capable of engaging the public in the digital environment? This was the main challenge faced by Race Communications, in addition to other relevant aspects:

- Equally represent the interests of different producer organizations
- Produce quality content unrelated to institutional bias
- Generate awareness capable of causing changes in consumer behavior

Restructuring ABPM's branding in digital environments in order to stimulate the consumption of the Brazilian apple, Race Comunicação established a plan aligned with PESO, a methodology that includes paid media (Paid Media), spontaneous / received (Earned Media), shared (Shared Media) and own (Owned Media).
The plan involved three phases: sowing (standardization and reformulation of the entity's institutional website), cultivating (producing strategic and consistent content) and harvesting (relationship actions with strategic audiences and digital marketing campaigns).
The achieved results in each action reflect the 360º strategies adopted by Race Communications, with great coverage among the target audiences: consumers, retailers and producers. The actions totaled more than 250 million impacts.

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