Media crisis management

Crises are part of any relationship, and confidentiality is at the core of Race’s daily communication activities. A communication crisis, either with the press or through social networks, can directly affect a company’s reputation, generating losses.

Responding with speed, correctly, and aligned with legal, administrative and strategic guidelines in order to cause the least possible damage, is the focus of our action when managing communication crises.

Our team works in crisis management from prior identification of possible crises to planning and preparing contingency plans and a communication manual. Everything to avoid greater impact at the time of a crisis.

If the crisis is already in place, our team will work towards giving voice to the company’s point of view on a subject, in the most agile and directed way possible, in order to eliminate possible controversies. Transparent companies are the most successful ones in their relationship with the media.

Description: crisis management
Purpose: prevent or lessen impact in a crisis
Results: lesser impact on reputation
Target Clients: trade, industry, services, public figures and entities