Events for the press

eventos corporativos imprensa 1 - Events for the press

How to strengthen a relationship with the press, without even having some contact with journalists? Our team can assist your company with the best events for the press. We can organize a commemorative dinner, a product or service launch, a talk by a specialist from your company, or a “hands-on” event. It all depends on what you need and also, of course, on the journalists’ availability.

We take care of everything, from choosing the venue to creating printed materials for the event. The list of guests, or journalists, is prepared together with our clients, considering the best way to hold a successful event: the most suitable time, venue, which journalists are more available to go to events, organizing the event, the necessary structure, and a number of other variables.

Description: events for the press
Purpose: to strengthen relationships, launch an action or a product
Results: they cause greater impact in the press, but there are limitations due to the increasingly empty newsrooms
Target Clients: trade, industry and services