Social media training

RaceComunicacao SocialMediaTraining - Social media training

Social Media Training is a training system aimed at employees of a certain company or entity. This exercise includes showing the employees the functionalities in social networks, and how to take advantage of the platform favoring not only the company, but also the employees themselves. A presentation of the major social medias, as well as case discussion and practical exercises take place in classes that can last four to sixteen hours, depending on the size of the group.

As in traditional media training, employees are increasingly becoming corporate spokespersons. Even if unauthorized to speak, a misinterpreted statement on social medias can lead to an unprecedented image crisis. This training system aims to explore how both company and employees can benefit from social networks, what to post, and what not to post, care with their own image etc.

If your company intends to prevent image problems, train spokespersons to talk on social networks or even train employees for what NOT to post, please get in touch with our team of professionals and find out more about this still underdeveloped service in Brazil.

Description: social media training

Purpose: to prepare employees to be spokespersons on social networks and to communicate in public in a better way

Results: improves communication, prevents noise in social networks, positively impacts target audiences

Target Clients: trade, industry and services


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