RaceComunicacao TreinamentoComunicaçãoInterna - INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING

Informing employees about the company’s directions, goals and news updates is as important as maintaining an effective contact with its external stakeholders. With such a wide range of industries and information flows, most of the time this communication process becomes much more complex than it seems.

With the coming of social networks, information is now disseminated by everyone – and in real time. That is why it is crucial that professionals should be aware of their company’s policies and guidelines, to know how to behave and in what direction they should focus their efforts in the face of different demands and expectations. Well-prepared internal communications departments are key to success.

With our expertise, we can train professionals and departments from all areas to broaden their communication horizons and adapt to the new demands and requirements of today’s market scenario. Better-informed teams are able to cope with crisis situations, create innovative solutions, and increase the presence of their companies in new markets, identifying good opportunities for growth.

Description: internal communications training

Purpose: broaden the company’s information flows and actions

Results: improved company performance in the face of crises, market opportunities, and creation of innovative solutions

Target Clients: trade, industry and services


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