Customized corporate communication actions can generate an optimized flow of information to impacting stakeholders. They can be in traditional formats such as bulletins, newsletters and institutional magazines, or in more modern ones such as social network content and actions with digital influencers and bloggers

Knowing the flow of a campaign is critical for successful promotions. We create strategies for internal and external actions, ranging from preparing the strategic proposal to executing it operationally.

Press conferences can bring journalists together to present a new positioning or relevant information, all in a single event

Proposals for communication improvements that can directly impact positively on the company’s strategic planning

We have professionals specialized in customized, modern and objective layout creation. With our experience in online and offline media, our work encompasses creating new websites, social networks, banners, advertisements, information brochures, release 2.0 and catalogs.

Based on campaigns through sponsored links, with emphasis on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, we work with the latest metrics to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI). Integration with SEO enhances the results of our campaigns.

One of the first steps for understanding the company properly is an immersion and analysis of the company, especially its communications area

All work performed must be measured accurately so that the client can view the reach and impact generated in the media

Employee engagement and alignment with a company’s goals, missions and values ​​are the result of planned actions. We assist companies in managing these processes, from structuring them to consolidating the workflow based on the companies’ expectations and goals.

Presence on multiple online platforms and production of relevant content are essential elements for achieving success in business today. With a team of professionals specialized in corporate communication, we manage pages and profiles in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Assessment of your strategic planning, analysing and giving recommendations on how communication can help to reduce costs, increase productivity and even obtain more leads

The speaker training increases the competence of spokespersons and prepair them for public appearances. We use adequate methodologies to improve speech techniques, and have a multidisciplinary team of consultants who are able to give professional advise on oral presentations.

The press office/press advisory maintains relations with the media. By strengthening this relationship, it is possible to generate spontaneous publications aimed at each client’s target audiences.

We can help the company understand how to communicate with each audience, with what tools, and in what way

Assesses the internal communication, pointing out flaws and proposing improvements in order for the company to progress. This may include developing new channels for communication. 

Newsletters with well-planned layouts and relevant content are essential resources to be included in companies’ communication strategies. Newsletters can be aimed at the internal or external audience, be institutional or directly address final consumers to generate leads.

Events can position companies and services with their audiences, in addition to bringing their stakeholders closer. Our main actions in this area include helping to make decisions on dates and times, recommending decoration and infrastructure as well as executing the entire publicizing process.

Mitigate the negative impact of a crisis, and manage the company information provided to the media in order to make sure all information iss correct and adequately explained and timed

With creative graphic art, infographics provide a more pleasant and dynamic reading of the content to be shared. We incorporate this feature into newsletters, websites and social networks to better impact your company’s target audience.

Through surveys and opinion and satisfaction polls, this service reveals the internal demands and needs of a company or team facing a dynamic work scenario. It is essential for identifying internal problems, defining new strategies for approach as well as for and rebranding.

Taking journalists for a new experience in another city or country, connected to a new client project, is an interesting way to strengthen the relationship with the media

We develop creative content, publicize institutional information, launch products, and send invitations to events. This tool is very effective to strengthen the relationships with your internal and external audiences.


Daily monitoring and creation of detailed reports for optimizing the investment in SEO. We work towards generating data on the complete panorama of the company’s performance on the web.

This service is designed for professionals and departments in all segments, broadening dialogue among different sectors and increasing the quality of information flow in companies. It improves internal communication according to new requirements and demands of the current market.

Whether through magazines, newspapers, apps, videos or blogs, companies today are able to create their own media outlets. We have experience in producing content and in creating customized communication tools, with formats and contents tailored to each company’s specific demands.

Focusing on creating surveys, banners and innovative content for stakeholders to announce new products, repositioning of a brand as well as measuring the communication strategy’s results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that increases a company’s presence in the digital environment. Tjis way, it is possible to improve the ranking and positioning of pages and websites in search engines – especially Google and Bing.


Press kits can strengthen the relationship with journalists, influencers and opinion leaders, as well as provide them with better knowledge about your product or brand. They are essential for press actions and marketing campaigns, and have the capacity to positively impact important audiences.

Well-defined layouts and relevant content are key elements for e-mail marketing to be considered useful by its intended readers. We work with tools and methodologies that avoid spam and add more value to the content intended for each company’s chosen target audience.

We promote a company’s digital presence, update profiles and pages on social networks, and make the digital communication link between the company and its users. This service is based on postings, interactivity, text- and image production, multimedia event coverage as well as monthly analysis reports.

With an experienced team who is in daily contact with the press, we train spokespersons for companies and organizations, aiming to improve their relationship and communication skills with different media outlets.


According to your company’s objectives and audiences, we quantify your consumers’ specific trends and characteristics, clarify facts, analyze causes, and plan future events. This is how we convert followers into consumers.

With a team specialized in content production, we embed SEO strategies into the process of writing texts, and increase the company’s closeness to its users. Adhesion of new clients and generation of new leads are direct results of this work.

Press kits are an effective way of successfully reaching out to journalists when launching products or promoting actions


With the steadily growing presence of people on the Internet, social networks have gained the role of Ombudsman. This service is designed for immediate and direct customer service through the different social medias, and for managing complaint communities such has Reclame Aqui. 

Through research and metrics that vary according to each client, we evaluate the current status of the communication departments, diagnose problems, and present the best solutions. Based on this analysis, we train teams to increase their department’s results.

Fun and stimulating actions promote productivity and greater engagment among employees. We generate new ideas, create strategies and gamification experiences to increase this audience’s engagement.

To make a product or brand known, we produce unique and customized content in digital media for specific audiences. This is an ideal resource for investing more effectively in digital marketing.

From conventional brochures to design of release 2.0, we develope modern graphic materials aligned with the visual image of each of our customers. They are tailored to suit companies’ key audiences to be comprehensive and effective.

This is the marketing mode aimed at the internal audience. Through endomarketing we can highlight the strengths and virtues of your products or services, leading to greater employee integration and engagement.

Organizing events for launching products or strengthening relationships with journalists is fundamental for impacting the press

We help identifying communication opportunities, in cases where companies are not sure of what their communications scenario looks like

In addition to knowing how to plan and carry out actions, good communication teams must know how to effectively measure their results in order to meet goals and confirm expectations. We measure the impact of all actions, in order to better plan future practices.

Based on real-time social network analysis, content production planning, strategy development, insights, trends, and competition analysis, we help speed up the account service, save time and money, strengthen online presence, and carry out more assertive strategic actions.

We create and fine tune messages conveyed to the internal audience through intranet, blogs, apps, newspapers or magazines tailored to each business. This service improves communication with the employees, and increases productivity in all sectors of a company.

We identify stakeholders and new business opportunities for the company, as well as improve the development of tools for reaching them through traditional methods combined with new business innovation concepts.

Training aimed at employees and professionals in general, addressing the features of the main social networks. Due to the great importance of social networks in the current corporate context, this training helps companies and employees to learn know how to best explore the benefits of these tools.


Media training for spokespersons prepairing for interviews, improving their relationship with the press and their understanding of the mainstream media as well as specialized outlets


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