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media training treinamento de porta voz - Spokesperson Training

Media training, also known as press training, is a training process for spokespersons of a certain organization for improving their ability to relate with journalists, whether in interviews, events or relationship meetings. Media training is an essential part of any press or public relations strategy planned by the agency for its clients prior to any proactive actions being taken.

Media training can be administered over a full day, part of a day – more complete training ideally lasts three days. The script is basically a presentation of the team that will administer the training, a surprise interview for the spokesperson with an experienced journalist or who works in some outlet, for an initial evaluation; lectures and dynamics with an experienced media advisor, who will explain the workings of the press and the ideal manner to interact with journalists, as well as focusing on the company’s key messages that should always be mentioned; and finally, a second interview simulation is made with the same press professional.


To conclude, the agency prepares a video of the interviews, reviews the spokespersons in detail, and sends an analytical report to the executive, highlighting their strengths and analyzing what they should do better. It is important that media training should be specific for each client, according to the number of spokespersons, the industry in which the company operates, and immediate requirements.

There are more specific training sessions such as crisis media training, speaker training or even social media training. Each of these for simulating a situation. Crisis media training, as the name says, simulates a crisis situation in which executives are placed in a room and receive some information regarding an alleged problem, and have to deal with it while meeting with the press at the same time.

Speaker training is more geared toward preparing a spokesperson for public speaking or for improving his/her presentation to the press. It is usually administered along with media training as an essential part of the training.

Social media training, which is quite innovative, is training how employees should deal with social networks, as virtually every employee of a company is a spokesperson on social networks. This training is aimed at companies that want to better qualify their employees in order to prevent problems in social networks.

Description: spokesperson training
Purpose: prepare executives for interviews
Results: improves spokesperson’s understanding of the press and improves press results
Target Clients: trade, industry and services


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