Produce and distribute press kits

press kit de imprensa race agencia2 - Produce and distribute press kits

Sending a press kit or press kit to journalists or influencers can be a great solution for introducing a new product or service. However, people often do not know what to do, who to send it to, what information to include, when to send, etc. Race Communications professionals know how to answer these questions and find the best solution for your budget.

A press kit may contain all that, but the main goal is to align what this action will bring in terms of results. Sending a gift or a new product launch to a journalist or influencer will not necessarily result in the posting of a story or article, which is an important point for aligning expectations when it comes to a press kit.


Description: press kit
Purpose: to strengthen relationships, or launch an action or a product
Results: they cause greater impact in the press, but there are limitations due to the increasingly empty newsrooms
Target Clients: trade, industry and services