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Never before has there been so much competition in the market, and the trend is that this competitiveness will only grow. Therefore, positioning your company, service or business with your clients is critical. Holding events and workshops is a great option to bring stakeholders closer and meet this demand, but not everyone can dedicate a team or part of their income to a specific department for this purpose.

There are many details to be considered and calculated in both events and in workshops. The most important ones are choosing date and time, decoration and infrastructure of the venue chosen for the ceremony, defining the guest list, what will be served, and how the event will be publicized. And because it is often a punctual and delicate occasion, having experts for planning and organizing is a further guarantee that the event will be a successful one.

More specifically for corporate events, seminars, courses and workshops, it is essential to plan not only the theme and subjects to be discussed, but also who can disseminate and propagate the generated knowledge to other stakeholders. As an end-to-end communication

agency, we at Race can connect all those elements of an event, which together become critical to achieving maximum results.

Description: corporate event organization

Purpose: strengthen relationships with stakeholders

Results: improves corporate image and opens a communication channel

Target Clients: trade, industry and services



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