Monitoramento de redes sociais2 - SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING

Today everyone has become opinion makers, users utilize social media sites to criticize or praise brands. Therefore, companies should plan their communication based on the analysis of social media conversations. In the age of hyper-connection, observational research shows what network users are commenting on, discussing, and participating in.

Monitoring is inherent in good strategic communication planning, and provides a good source of information generated from the sharing of news on social media. Interpretation of the collected data is able to identify the perception of target audiences, to understand user behavior, and to map trends.


The established result transforms data and information into knowledge, and contributes to producing the next content, creates strategies, provides insights, identifies trends, analyzes competition, and is capable of influencing important decision-making. The company streamlines its services, saving time and money, strengthening online presence, discovering new market niches, and more. It is then possible to think of new actions and launching more assertive products.

Monitoring can be applied across a variety of products and services, including branding, artists, advisors, media generation, market research, governments, policymakers, campaign engagement assessment, and second screen analysis.

Description: social media monitoring
Purpose: understanding what, when, where and how are the impressions of people about your brand in social media

Results: a precise thermometer of what happens regarding your brand in social media

Target Clients: trade, industry and services