Mensuracao de resultados em redes sociais - SOCIAL MEDIA MEASURING

Metrics are measurement systems that quantify a trend or characteristic, and are used for clarifying facts, analyzing causes, and thinking about future events. Measurement of results in social media is based on social market principles, that is, on reputation. Only with monitoring and measurement it is possible to evaluate the performance of the brand or service in social media, and to identify the average follower-to-consumer conversion rate.

Reputation, engagement and credibility are a company’s key attributes. Restricting metrics is key for the social media monitoring process, they must be closely linked to the core objective of the company’s business. This definition will affect results and the proposed planning. Metrics can determine the future of marketing actions on social media, that is, identify which actions have been most effective, which have not met expectations, or which need adjustments.

With that work, we were able to obtain number of accesses, views and interaction on a social media. It is also possible to measure the post sharing volume and relate to the reach and conversions in new interactions or new fan additions.

In this manner, it is possible to analyze fundamental items such as the brand’s health/ feeling, which represents the percentage of positive, negative and neutral items, and to calculate the voice share so that the company understands the entire scope of the conversations about the product or brand vs its competition.

Description: measuring results on social media

Purpose: measuring the impact of actions on social media

Results: a precise thermometer of what happens about your brand on social media

Target Clients: trade, industry and services