agencia sac 2.0 - SAC 2.0

The Customer Service Department (SAC) emerged in the 1990s with the progress of technology. Previously, support was provided only by telephone, and customers filed a complaint, suggestion or compliment regarding a service or product. With the growth and spread of social media, there has been a transformation in the customer service sector. Companies and consumers saw a new and appropriate direct contact channel.

Digital channels, especially social networks, have become essential for leveraging the business, gaining visibility and strengthening the relationship with the target audience. Virtual SAC is the evolution of the traditional SAC. Clients demand immediate attention, and businesses need to be aware that social networks are not just a fad or hobby, which stresses the need for real, humanized interactions.


In addition, we monitor and update complaint communities such as the Reclame Aqui portal. Maintaining a level of resolved complaints contributes to the good reputation of the company.

Description: SAC 2.0 
Purpose: responding to clients online via social networks, and monitoring complaints in channels such as Reclame Aqui

Results: reduces negative impact and improves customer service

Target Clients: trade, industry and services