Customized Corporate Communication Actions

acoes customizadas de comunicacao corporativa race - Customized Corporate Communication Actions

Corporate communication refers to the process of strategic and organizational management of information and interpersonal relationships in a company. However, even though it more directly encompasses the dialogue that occurs within corporations, as the term implies, modern concepts also cover external contacts, including the public, partners, institutions, and different stakeholders.
Noise in internal communication leads to waste of time, resources and money. Many companies suffer from failures during the alignment process, and end up diverting their efforts of different teams in opposite directions. In a dynamic and busy business world like today’s, the margin for this type of misunderstanding is increasingly reduced. In this context, customized corporate communication actions fit more adequately into each company and market segment.


Companies with the best information flow accurately reach all of their employees and stakeholders. And for that, we use different media for generating more efficient corporate communication projects. Through more traditional formats such as internal and external bulletins, newsletters and institutional journals, as well as with modern tools such as social media management and actions with bloggers, it is possible to improve communication and business efficiency.

Description: customized corporate communication actions

Purpose: to improve the work of the communication area

Results: engages public interest, improves communication channels, and shows improvement points in the company

Target Clients: trade, industry and services


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